Saturday, 25 August 2007


working through the websites

Jules Paxton and rodney yee and John Scott

all good. yee's site i don't like....too much selling somehow in the design and attitude. how do you sell yourself as a teacher...who needs to see pictures of you doing asanas...shouldn't you talk about your teachers and your journey?????

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Another good teacher. American Jules Paxton quite serious minded...very influnced by Siddha Yoga for meditation practice...very intense asana teacher. Worth working with and checking. Very inspirational and interested in the power of yoga and like Dena, the meaning...good on whether asana should be about taking you to breaking point or whether a warrior can be soft or comfortalbe (you'll have to work with him if you want to know the answer).

Selfpractice in the park

Interesting game for the summer. I prefer to work with a teacher but I'm beginning to learn to listen to my body and just chase or trace a sequence of poses. Its good to go to different classes and pick up sequences from teachers...if I think 'yeah, that was right' or 'yeah that was good' but I want to stay longer...then I write the sequence down in my notebook and check the book, to remind myself of the sequence and then practice in the park and get it inside my body memory.


Always looking for the good teacher. Did a London workshop with Dena Kingsberg.
Can't recommend her more highly. 3 hours of such intensity. A lot of good breath work at the beginning. A very strict focus. Kind of gentle with the actual asana but strict with the breath, the intention and the culture that surrounds them. Which is yoga.